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Remnant Canine 360 offers one of the most competitive and rewarding affiliate programs online.

What We’re Looking For


    Motivated online business owners, podcasters, bloggers, speakers, and animal enthusiasts in the survival, preparedness, and faith community.


    Folks that are truly concerned about the state of civil unrest and instability worldwide and believe citizens like you and I need to have an attitude of preparedness.


    People that believe in our online learning modules enough to be willing to buy their own copy in order to appreciate the benefits of online learning at home.


    Promoters that have a loyal online following and presence and are willing to regularly promote our products as a part of their preparedness recommendations.

And of course dog friendly owners and advocates!

Free to Join

Earn competitive commissions on qualified sales by helping your followers, website visitors, and fans make the decision to purchase Remnant Canine 360 approved courses.

Unlimited Earnings

Keep getting paid by generating sales using Unique URL’s assigned to you through our affiliate program. We don’t place a cap on your potential earnings with your fixed commission rate.

Tremendous Value

Our online training modules are totally unique in the canine and survival industry. Buyers have the unmatched benefit of doing the training from home, consultation with our experts, and training their dogs to be assets in their home security planning.

How Does It Work?

Four simple steps and you could be on your way to earning commissions…


  • STEP 1

    Visit our Contact Us page and submit a message expressing your interest in our Affiliate Program.

  • STEP 2

    Our team will respond with a short questionnaire on the nature of your business and why you’re interested in becoming an Affiliate Member.

  • STEP 3

    Pending a conditional approval, important documents including our formal application, Affiliate Program Agreement, and Tax documents will be emailed to you.

  • STEP 4

    Final approval or denial will be provided. If approved, you’ll be given a Starter Package with legal documents, appropriate banners, marketing materials, custom URL’s and our commission reimbursement structure.