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Do you remember the moment when you brought your dog home? Remember the excitement of building a relationship with your new pet, them becoming an important part of your family. Here at Remnant Canine 360 we want that relationship to be life-long and we realize good obedience training is key. That is where we can help! Our online basic and advanced 360 Obedience Bootcamp can help You and Your Canine learn skills and commands that can make ALL the difference in the world. Your own time, Your own home, Whenever You want.

Beyond offering basic and advanced obedience we have designed online courses specifically for the preparedness community. Our goal is to help your household dog become an integral part of your survival team using our end to end expert 360 approach to basic and advanced obedience, scent detection, and patrol. Through cutting-edge distance learning technologies, we hope you gain the skills and confidence to train your canine. -Ross and Jill Powell

Meet Our Staff

Tobe Whitley is Remnant Canine 360’s Lead Trainer and comes to us with 32 years in Law Enforcement as a Patrol Sergeant. Tobe has been actively involved with K9 training for over 10 years and is a Certified Police Patrol and Explosives dog handler.

With his many years of field experience, Tobe helped refine Remnant Canine 360’s patrol curriculum to reflect what Preppers will need to effectively deploy their canine as a loyal security team member.

Tobe actively trains dogs for further service in Police and Sheriff departments throughout Texas and is a Military / Police dog breeder utilizing superior blood lines from Belgium, Holland and Romania.

In addition to his active police patrol work, Tobe performs dog patrol duties for several local mega churches to ensure their safety from terrorist attacks.

We thank him for his service and glad he is on our side!

Michaela Ersae began her animal training career at the Caldwell Zoo where she trained elephants for many years. She then pursued her childhood dream of working with marine mammals and worked with both Sea World of Texas and Florida as well as at Moody Gardens Aquarium.

After years of zoo and aquarium experience she decided to apply her knowledge and skills to begin training canines by offering private in-home dog training. She currently works at a local training facility near San Antonio, TX where she offers classes in AKC Canine Good Citizen, Trick Dog Training, Basic and Advanced Obedience, Puppy Classes, Clicker Training as well as training VA Service Dogs.

Michaela brings a wealth of knowledge and we are proud to have her as a part of our team as our 360 Obedience Bootcamp trainer as she helps you and your canine with the foundations that will lead your team to future success.

Chris Baucom is the Executive Producer and Co-Host of Remnant Radio Network podcast as well as a regular guest on Hagmann Report and The Amateur Society.

Chris specializes in Digital Content Marketing and geopolitical analysis with a focus on how politics, technocracy, faith and preparedness collectively affect our nation today and how they will for the foreseeable future.

Chris is currently heading up Videography, Web Design and the Online Course presence for Remnant Canine 360, LLC as well as on his own site homegrownprepper.com. Chris was raised in Charlotte, NC. His education includes a B.A. in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an A.S. in Emergency Medical Sciences. His focus on preparedness is a direct result of practicing as a paramedic for a number of years and witnessing what happens when social order unravels.

Meet Our Canine Staff






Benefits of Online Canine Training

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    Start with specific obedience skills and commands in our 360 Obedience Bootcamp starter program and advance through our exclusive Scent Detection and Patrol training programs.

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    Our training programs are designed to give you a clear path of instruction, timelines for completion, supplemental materials and unmatched support.

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    Step By Step

    Each video in our lineup of training programs takes you through a simple set of objectives to help you help your canine reach measurable goals weekly.

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    Take advantage of advanced courses. Few, if any, available services nationwide offer the convenience of online education and advanced skill sets at such affordable prices.

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    Industry Best Support

    We’ll be with you through your online learning via virtual support and the consultation(s) included in your package.

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