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360 Obedience

Learn everything you need to know to train your dog in specific obedience skills. 

Scent Detection

Understand the science and gain the skills necessary to train your dog in scent detection.


Learn proven techniques and important real world examples behind protecting your family.

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Online Learning Benefits

24/7 Learning

Modern life is making it harder and harder for traditional onsite training.

With 24/7 learning you can train on your schedule while still having access to a professional trainer including private lessons as needed.

Repeat Courses

Isn’t it frustrating when you missed what the instructor said?

With our online training, just press play and watch each video until you have the skills and commands down to master your training.

Build Bonds

Spend time uninterrupted and one on one with your canine to help build a strong and long lasting bond.

Home Training

Wouldn’t it be great if we had private lessons at home, focused only on our dog?

With our online academy, training happens at the location where your canine will be performing their duties.

Cost Savings

When we designed our academy, we had budget in mind, and focused on affordability for the Remnant.

You can’t put a price on keeping your family safe, but it doesn’t mean you should forsake other preparedness measures during these critical times.

Online Support

Great instructors and administrative support is a must so you can stay focused on your learning.

We want you to succeed. That’s why we offer one on one support and satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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